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BG108 |Acquiescence

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The bands next release quickly follows and coincides with a European tour in October. A five track cassette entitled ‘Acquiescence’ is a co-release between UK labels Hail Hail and EDILS Records (digitally through Bleeding Gold) will be available from October 14th. A more experimental and ambient collection compared to its predecessor, ‘Acquiescence’ see’s Oh Well, Goodbye use drums loops and keyboards for the first time on half of the tracks while still touching upon the band’s pop sensibilities and downbeat ‘post punk’ sound. This leads nicely into the final release of the trilogy; ‘I Know, I Know, I Know’ which is a remix EP comprised of tracks from both ‘Swoon’ and ‘Acquiescence’. Hitting the world wide web on November 11th, again through Bleeding Gold, the digital only release features remixes by a host of acts including Dignan Porch (Faux Discx/Captured Tracks), Gorgeous Bully (Art Is Hard), Moonlit Sailor (Deep Elm) and new comers such as Dayflower and Grave Diggers Union.

Tape Waves – Here To Fade

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Tape Waves Here To FadeDès les premières secondes de So Fast, titre d’ouverture du nouvel album des américains de Tape Waves, un climat de romantisme atemporel règne sans partage. Il faut dire que le duo, natif de Charleston, en Caroline du Sud, en connaît un rayon quand il s’agit d’écrire des ballades fluides, aux couleurs variées et évanescentes à l’image de l’illustration qui orne la pochette d’Here To Fade. Deuxième album déjà pour Kim et Jarod Weldin après Let You Go, paru en 2014, mais c’est comme si rien n’avait changé. Les guitares se font sensibles et se mélangent harmonieusement aux discrets claviers pour donner naissance à une dream pop que des groupes comme Cocteau Twins ou Talula Gosh ne renieraient certainement pas.

Certains pourraient reprocher un manque criant d’originalité, d’autres groupes s’étant déjà pliés à l’exercice, de Seapony à Beach Fossils pour ne citer que les derniers…

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BG105 | As Loud As I Can

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Spooky Cigarette, whose name is a facetious nudge at their frontmanʼs self proclaimed identity as a black (spook) fag (cigarette), is a New/No Wave project from San Diego, California, formed in the fall of 2015. Fronted by Frank Mindingall (Beaters, Northern Tigers, Ale Mania) and consisting of Jakob McWhinney (Space Heat, The Soaks) Skylar Eppler (Via Meteor), and Danny Gallo (formerly of Hills like Elephants), the project aims to channel the subtly decorated borders of night and day. With dirigible synths, cumulonimbus flangers, and the cool colors of pop, theyʼve already shared the stage with excellent acts such as Lower Dens, Thee Commons, Grenda, Chris Cohen, Island Boy, TV Girl & Tijuana Panthers. Their debut EP, ʻAs Loud As I Canʼ is an attempt to fully realize social and sexual identity and reconcile all the time lost. It is both haunting and inviting, like writhing in chaise to find the perfect position. ʻAs Loud As I Canʼ is set to be released on cassette through Bleeding Gold Records and Field Trips.

Spooky Cigarette

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Formed in the fall of 2015, Spooky Cigarette is an homage to new wave, no wave, and post punk. With fluorescent guitars, cumulonimbus synths, and a dusk bass, Spooky Cigarette is the subtly decorated borders of night and day. As loud as I Can is both haunting and comfortable, like writhing in a chaise to find the perfect position.

BG105 ‘As Loud As I Can’ available May 20, 2016 via Bleeding Gold/Field Trips

BG104 | ROMAN LAKES “Days of Summer”

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Inspired by the work of The Tallest Man On Earth and Nick Drake, ROMAN LAKES’ latest single ‘Days Of Summer’ is available for name your price download (inc. free!) from the Bleeding Gold Records bandcamp.

BG103 | Giant Giants “A Sudden Punch”

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ReidWeigner 2

Giant Giants is an Asheville/Atlanta based music project headed by UNCA music graduate Reid Weigner. Begun as a solo project in 2009, the group has expanded and evolved to include many talented musicians from the southeastern US. Giant Giants third album, “A Sudden Punch,” features a collaboration with long time friend and creative writer John McIntyre. The album is set to be released Friday March 25th, 2016 on the San Diego, CA based label Bleeding Gold Records.


Listen to “You Bring The Beer And He’ll Bring The Frustration” below:


Upcoming GIANT GIANTS shows:

5/27 Athens, GA @ caledonia
5/28 somewhere
5/29 Asheville NC @ odditorium

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