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Hi Batucada! is available on vinyl/CD/digitally from the Bleeding Gold webstore or BandCamp.

The Monty Python in the Heart of Darkness, Albert Dupontel joins the cast of Apocalypse Now, Lorenzo Lama rides for Dennis Hopper, Robert Mitchum works for the Deliverance.

And Chief and Buddy on the way to find OS (the forgotten god) hunt a squirrel hiding in the woods : this naughty perverted nutzy bastard bard of the consumption called “Moonchoko”, who’s cooking for his Nutzilla, strange but attractive substance made with the family he captures in the forest.

Led by Momo the sympathic but laconic ferryman, taking their instrument as others take their weapons, the two friends begin the chase…

In music.
Yes, they’re a band. A band called OS DRONGOS.

BUY 10″ & 7″ HERE!

Also available at iTunes.

Also available at these nutzy stores:

Disk Union  |  JAPAN

Moldy Toes   |   San Clemente, CA, USA

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in Japan)

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PRESS CONTACT: bleedinggoldrecords@gmail.com


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