photo: Annie Powers

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The new split 7″ single from Beachniks and smilelove is available to order here.

1. smilelove- Theme Song

2. smilelove – Pop Song 2

3. Beachniks – Love Is Theft

4. Beachniks – С Новым Годом (שנה טובה)

Available at these rad stores:

Coconuts Disk | JAPAN

Flake Records | JAPAN

Hyper Enough | JAPAN

The Stone Records | JAPAN

Violet & Claire | JAPAN


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What many listeners call “a wave of fresh rhythm” is the unignorable sound of the Beachniks. Their songs describe — in noise and words — plenty of fun days, dreams, hobbies, social clubbing, espionage, tragic love stories, and many other things. Against all odds they put the pressure on: pumping the drums, unlearning the bass, whirling the guitar, whacking the xylophone, warbling the organ, crying out “ooh”s and “aah”s and “да да да”s. Their music — as sweet as a plate of funnel cake — and presence — as revitalizing as a bowl of cold borscht — reverberate from Rego Park to Coney Island.

Originally conceived of as an all-girl-band by Emily and Carmelle, the two friends quickly relinquished that dream and joined forces with Серёжа”Frisky” Пинский(once forbidden from playing music by the Soviet government), Nik and JB. Taking trips to south Brooklyn for fun and groceries made them a music group. These sisters, brothers, roommates and подруга — of Queens and Brooklyn, NY — are now known across the globe as Beachniks.

PRESS:   ハッシュタグは#bandcamp_d   |   Wholly Roller   |   Cassette Gods   |    The Stone Records   |   Dying For Bad Music   |    Bluesbunny   |   Fuzzbook   |   Fuzzbook   |   Soft Parade   |   Very Tiny Songs   |   Start-track   |   Sly Vinyl   |   The Stone Records

Radio/Podcasts: Dying For Bad Music   |   Leah Rials   |   Amazing Radio   |   Expressway To Yr Skull

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