Dream Joints is the hauntingly catchy solo project of tripped out garage rock aficionado Mike Turi (Wild Wild Wets, The Old In Out). The projects debut LP, ‘Just Like Medicine’ builds upon the dark, brooding energy of their recently released 7”, smearing languid, dream-like vocals across hypnotic, tinkling synths. It’s a sound that somehow feels as uplifting as it is foreboding. ‘Just Like Medicine is as much the soundtrack for long drives through the dark empty of desert, as it is for sweaty, gritted-teeth nights in packed underground clubs.

With the gloomy psychedelia of The Growlers, self assured swagger of The Velvet Underground, spaced out vocals of Jesus & Mary Chain and the expansive instrumentation of Brian Jonestown MassacreDream Joints weave together a patchwork of influences to create a unique sound that stretches from vampiric to blissful. All the while sounding immediate and absolutely vital.

Dream Joints’ debut lathe-cut 7” So Much Fun / Dust was released in February, 2017, while the 12″ LP Just Like Medicine will be released May 26th through Bleeding Gold Records.

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“Dream Joints is the solo project of Wild Wild Wets singer Mike Turi, and it’s pretty damn fun. Heavier on electronics than his other band, Dream Joints is like a one-man Joy Division or Echo and the Bunnymen filtered through a sampler. And, yeah, there’s a little bit of the Wets’ trippy aesthetic in there, too.” 

– San Diego CityBeat

“Recorded at home over the course of three years, the project represents Turi’s first real foray into complete self sufficiency, but his decade and a half in bands has paid off, as Dream Joints arrive sounding mature, confident, and haunting… ‘Dust’ [is] a foreboding, atmospheric track, awash with pulsating sonic flourishes and anchored by a hypnotic synth bass line. “

– ListenSD


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