Listen: Roman Lakes – ‘The Sparrow’

Some nice words on the new Roman Lakes….

Killer Ponytail

roman lakes the sparrowWhat do think of when you think of Manchester? The big, baggy beats of the likes of Happy Mondays and the heady indie dance of the Hacienda club, right? Well, prepare to cast those stereotypes aside because Manchester’s Roman Lakes has something entirely more serene to offer.

Roman Lakes, aka Ben Hyman, serves as a counter to the swaggering lad-orientated rock made famous by the north of England and delivers a more cerebral take on the world using nothing more than his voice and a well worn guitalele (that’s a cross between a guitar and a ukulele by the way).

Hyman’s new track ‘The Sparrow’ (released on the ever dependable Bleeding Gold Records) showcases his knack for creating a gloriously bouncing melody that can’t help but echo the heyday of the 70s British folk scene, and his vocals take on the straight forward narrative delivery of the likes of The Tallest Man On…

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