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While Thom Thatcher was finishing his art degree at university in 2012, he formed Special Guests, originally called ‘The Debug Room’. He was looking for a new medium in which to display ideas; recruiting Daniel Stones & Liam Smith, the early group began to refine concepts which would later become the band’s first songs. Under ‘The Debug Room’, the backbone of the band had been put in place. Thom, who somewhat unusually plays and writes on an acoustic bass, established himself as the band’s creative force, while Liam became the band’s bassist. Liam is a talented and inventive left-handed guitarist who plays a six-string bass; his creative skills shone immediately in early jams with Thom and the band’s drummer, Dan Stones. Stonesy bears his roots in Calypso drumming, he has toured all over the world with his previous band, but wanted to make a move into rock music; his experience and skill make Stonesy the most seasoned and rhythmically solid member of the band. Together Stonesy and Liam provided a solid and creative rhythm section for Thom to work with, but in the early days, the band still needed an out-and-out guitarist.

While Thom was playing the band’s early songs solo on acoustic nights at local bars, he met Ben Hyman, and the pair began playing together in a live blues jam band. On the back of this, Ben took over as lead guitarist, and his blues influence added flavour to the band’s indie tone. Ben began to chip in as a writer & singer for the group along with Thom; at this point, the band changed their name to Special Guests and set off on a journey of creating original music and playing live locally. The band continue to experiment with sound & substance; their repertoire is constantly growing and their style is maturing.

PRESS: Impropaganda

RADIO/MIXTAPES: Human Pleasure

Press contact: bleedinggoldrecords@gmail.com

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