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Formed in the latter half of the first decade of the 21st century, Indoor Voices began as the bedroom pop brainchild of Toronto musician Jonathan Relph. As the sound developed into contrasting atmospheric backdrops and textures played off ethereal harmonies, so did the band, which currently stands at five members strong. Aside from Jonathan (vocals, guitars), the current lineup includes musicians Craig Hopgood (keys), Ryan Gassi (drums, percussion), Owen Davies, previously of A Northern Chorus, (bass) and Kate Rogers of Kate Rogers Band (backup vocals).

September 2011 saw the release of their first LP, Nevers, in which the band played with towering post-rock structures and haunting shoegaze soundscapes. That album was used as the inspiration for follow-up remix EP, rmxd, which was released in July 2012. Already at work on new material, the band had tracks lined up for a fall release. That new EP was preceded by the release of a stunning new promo single,  So smart, in August 2012. A new mix of the single will also be included on the forthcoming Fall 2012 self-titled release.

Indoor Voices is pleased to be collaborating for the first time with US boutique label Bleeding Gold Records. The new 12″ 45 rpm vinyl release features guest backing vocalists — all women who have crossed paths (through correspondence or physically) with the band and whose unique vocal styles compliment the songs in which they are featured. The guest roster also finds the band taking new steps into dreamier, more intimate soundscapes. The featured musicians are:

“Still”: Catherine Debard – Sally Paradise (Montreal, Canada)

“So smart”: Casey Mecija – Ohbijou (Toronto, Canada)

“After”: Sandra Vu – SISU (Los Angeles, USA)

“Hung out”: Anne Boutonnat – Marc Desse (Paris, France)

“Hung out”: Spooky Bubble – Alligator Indian (Asheville, USA)

The record was mixed remotely in Brooklyn, New York by Jason Finkel. Where possible the band chose to give dry, unaffected tracks to Jason, who was able to bring a new clarity to their sound. Jeff “Fedge” Elliott mastered the finished tracks in Toronto, Canada.


Beethobear Records | TAIWAN

La Fabrique Balades Sonores | PARIS, FRANCE

Rotate This | Toronto, CANADA

Sonic Boom | Toronto, CANADA

The Stone Records | JAPAN

The following has been said about Indoor Voices and their new single “So smart”:

“… absolutely gorgeous and haunting and immediate.” – Perfect Midnight World (USA)

“… complete, unadulterated beauty.” – Music Fan’s Mic (UK)

“Really dig this single from Canadian newcomers Indoor Voices” – Gluttony Is The New Black (USA)

“… absolutely gorgeous…” – Wholly Roller (USA)

“The enveloping force of the enchanting instrumentation backdrops the gorgeous melodies carried by the transient vocal duet—it’s a fleeting yet stunningly impacting touch.” – Hearing Gold (CAN)

““So smart” is, put simply, an amazing single and does exactly what it’s meant to do; get us excited for Indoor Voices’ upcoming release.” – Analogue Spheres (USA)

“… nails emotion, gracefulness, and an ever-tightening grasp on a pop-leaning melody” – Paper Pistol (CAN)

“… music has a dull glow while hypnotic & cold and at the same time exciting.” – Pequenos Classicos Perdidos (BR)

“… new single is really a pleasant surprise for all fans of this dream pop” – Movimenta (IT)

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