Boy Party was formed in the cold of the 2011 North Carolina winter by Zach Romeo and Nathan Romano. The duo began playing shows in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Asheville, and encountered a strange group of people in the woods of Georgia. They released their first EP “On Yr Lips” through their bandcamp page that spring. Boy Party toured the midwest in the summer of 2011 before the two parted ways, Nathan staying in North Carolina, going to film school, and Zach going to film school in New York. The project now serves as an outlet for songs written by Nathan Romano and sometimes produced by Justin Morris.

PRESS: San Diego Music   |   Very Tiny Songs   |   Start-track   |   The JangleBox   |   SkogsGospel   |   Get Off The Coast   |   Dirty Sexy Karma   |   Cactus Mouth   |   Dance Yrself Clean   |   Lost Socks

Podcasts/Radio: Culture Castle   |   Route For The Underdog

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