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After three years, nine members and scores of unfinished songs, Miniatures has finally progressed from a lo-fi almost unheard-of bedroom act to a lo-fi, almost unheard-of bedroom act with around five shows under their belt and a shiny new four track EP, albeit one recorded on the cheap over the last twelve months. Originally conceived as a solo project of Christchurch native Ché Walden, the group drifted through various directions and ensembles until a partnership with Dunedinite Annemarie Duff set things properly in motion. Steven Marr later rounded out the group as a bassplayer, while an extensive bank of effect-laden (though personality-devoid) programmed tracks continue to serve in lieu of a drummer.

PRESS: Sounds Better With Reverb   |   Cassette Rewind   |   The Jangle Box   |   Very Tiny Songs   |   Impropaganda   |   Dans Le Mur

MIXTAPES/PODCASTS/RADIO: Stoatcast   |   lunaland   |   Unpopular

2 Responses to “MINIATURES”

  1. […] week we welcome the addition of New Zealand’s MINIATURES to the Bleeding Gold Records roster. We are offering a free download of their first EP, titled aptly […]

  2. […] spacier/dancier feel. You might recognize the vocals – a one Annemarie Duff of BGR newcomers Miniatures. Annemarie has recently made a move from her native New Zealand and hopped shores to Melbourne, […]

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