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Guest Mix: Bleeding Gold Records

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Laurie Hulme on Golden Glow’s “Beauty / Duty”

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I first met Pierre (Golden Glow), and then later that night Laurie, on a trip to the UK in 2011 when the band THE NOTES had toured a bit in France and I played tour-dad. Before the guys headed back to Uni in Southampton and I returned home to the US, we traveled up to Manchester to meet up with Pierre. He and I had already begun planning the release of his debut album and this was a good time to meet face to face. We met for a pint, went to Piccadilly Records, had some more drinks, met up with Pierre’s friends that would eventually make up the live band for Golden Glow, and continued the party until there were no other places open in the city. Legendary night!

I asked Laurie Hulme (aka Songs For Walter) – co-producer of the new Golden Glow EP “Beauty/Duty” – to answer 4 questions about the making of the album. 


BleedingGold: How did you get involved with the recording of the EP?

LaurieHulme: Obviously I really enjoyed playing in GG. Pierre writes great tunes and he allowed us all a certain amount of freedom to develop parts or play things subtly differently when we played live. Pierre records most of his stuff on his 4 track but he talked about wanting more control over the mix and with us practically living next door to each other it made sense to mix in my (very humble) home studio.

BG: What is your favorite track and why?

LH: Probably ‘The Scene.’ When we first played it live it was a lot faster. The version on here is so much dreamier, it has a kind of effortlessness to it and the Anna Karina vocal sample fits so well.

BG: Knowing Pierre the little bit that i do, i’m assuming there were some crazy nights involved – care to share any stories of over-drinking, etc possibly related to the recording?

LH: We probably spent ten times the amount of time talking about the fact we were gonna do this EP than it took to actually sit down and do it. We’d often mix for a bit and then head out into town. We had a practise room right in the middle of town which we’d often visit in the small hours after the bars had closed and play music at ridiculous volumes through the PA into the morning. I recall one morning when Pierre was so hungover he went to work wearing his slippers!

BG: Your thoughts on Pierre’s move to London?

LH: I think Pierre is really suited to London. I know he’s loving being in the thick of it already. He knew pretty much everyone in Manchester so I guess it’s very different for him being more anonymous down there, perhaps a lot more refreshing.

BG068 | Beauty / Duty

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Golden Glow WEB

Golden Glow, the solo project of singer-songwriter Pierre Hall, is set to release a new 6-track EP, ‘Beauty / Duty’ on 27th January via Bleeding Gold Records, with a sound that echoes the laid-back, idyllic melodies of Real Estate and Wild Nothing. After some full band recording sessions with an outside producer, Pierre decided the sound was becoming almost too clinical and lost some of the magic that comes with the limitations of using more basic equipment. Pierre decided to abort the sessions and go back to the four-track, the result being the new 6-track EP, ‘Beauty / Duty’, influenced by Felt, New Order, Arthur Russell, Velvet Underground, The Cure, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.


BG065 | Songs For Bleeding Gold

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Artwork by Jesse Treece

10 Bleeding Gold cover songs by other Bleeding Gold artists!!

Bleeding Gold will be slowing down for the remainder of the year. We are taking a break to reassess the current musical landscape, pay off some serious business debt and return to the fold at a later date with a new business plan that will be better for the artists, the label, and most importantly, the fans.

The download is FREE – but if there is anything you can give, know that the money will go into helping Bleeding Gold return like a phoenix!


The Cure

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Golden GlowThe Cure

Cult Of The Hopeless

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This collection of songs is a work-in-progress to showcase the upcoming releases on Bleeding Gold Records. The tracklisting may change over time and is only available to stream for now. Hope you like it!

Adore Me

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted this before!

Golden GlowAdore Me

Mamma Mia!

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a fun night in manchester!

BG002 | Tender Is The Night

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GOLDEN GLOWTender Is The Night [2011 | 12″ vinyl]

Golden Glow’s debut, Tender Is The Night, is an upbeat
Brit-pop album swarming in romance. Available on black-and-gold vinyl. Includes DIGITAL DOWNLOAD card.
Limited edition of 25 to include handprinted silkscreen from Kaizen
. Release date: 21 June 2011.

ORDER here.

Also available at these stores:

Microcultures | France

Piccadilly Records  53 Oldham Street  |  Manchester  |  UK

/////Sone Records 〒430-0944 静岡県浜松市中区田町315-20 2F | Japan

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in JapanLimited Editions only!)

Tracklist and more pictures post-jump…

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At A Loss

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GOLDEN GLOW + Diamond Rings

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Wow – fun night in Manc!

All Time

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Golden Glow– All Time

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See GOLDEN GLOW Live 18 Sept

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Postcards From Manchester

Plus ~ Allo Darlin’ + Vera November  …  videos post-jump …

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On My Own

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Golden GlowOn My Own

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