High Sunn is an angst-driven dreampop band snuggled in the very active and unique city of San Francisco, California. The founder of the project is an emotional and innocent boy by the name of Justin Cheromiah who is surprisingly prolific at only 15 years-old. In the early days of summer 2014, Cheromiah self-released his first official self-titled LP. It is extremely noisy and lo-fi. The response was good but not too many noticed, really. Since then Justin has further experimented with his guitar playing and singing skills. With some help from friend Tristin Sovannarath, he composed a more cleaned up “surf punk” full-length titled “LUV SONGS FOR WHINERS.” This has been the first release from High Sunn that includes real percussion added to the mix. The lyrics on the album focus on heartbreak, love, daily life problems of a lonely boy who faces depression. The sweet melodies and echoing noise blend perfectly with the message of this album.


Thank you for listening…
PRESS: Raised By Gypsies

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  1. […] debut 12″ LP from 15 year-old California-Bay Area artist Justin Cheromiah aka HIGN SUNN. Lo-fi bedroom pop goodness. Release date Sept 25th, Shipping […]

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