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BG076 | Night Drippers

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Night Drippers Texture 1

Os Drongos NightPhoto3

Less than five days to record and a little bit more than thirteen months to reach the light of an ear. That is a good example to explain what a night dripper is. An agent who can change you. Something that set you, the problems you need to become the person you are. You just decide to see them or not. But Night Drippers are everywhere. They can be everything, even you. 
What you could hear on this album: highly-electric residual shadows passing through worlds made of different tones. The sounds here are influenced by such artists and philosophers as Pollock or Héraclite, invoking the great days of Diane.

Available on LIMITED EDITION Compact Disc and digitally at BandCamp and iTunes.


BG074 | Ophelie/Judgment Day

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There were two girls.
The first one, Ophelie, was engaged.
The second one, Mary, was married.
Both of them had a terrible destiny.
That’s what we tell in our two songs “Ophelie” and “Judgment Day”.

Blanche as a Name are Sébastien and Bénédicte.
The writer is Bénédicte.
The composer is Sébastien.

Just Handshakes – Winter Tour 2014

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euro tour poster 2014

artwork by Ki Yoong

See photos from the Paris show here.

BG059 | BG061 Glory to MARS!

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Adobe Photoshop PDF

Think Morrissey, sung in French! Glory to Mars! 11 track full-length debut 12″ from TRISTEN featuring 3 extra bonus tracks with the digital download. Order 12″ here/Download here.

Also available at these stores:

All Access | France

La Fabrique Balades Sonores | France

Ground Zero | France

L’international | France

Le Silence de la Rue | France

Le Rideau de Fer | France

Nationale 7 | France

Plus de Bruit | France

Souffle Continu | France


The official cassette release from FURROW now available in small runs of various colors: Solid Red, Transparent Blue, Yellow/Green and White all with GOLD ink imprinting. Features full-color, double-sided jcards. Order here. Grab it on iTunes here.


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Sandie Trash double

Bleeding Gold Records and SANDIE TRASH present: SALVE REGINA

13 tracks of french New Wave/Punk feature on double ten inch gatefold! Order here.


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Guitarist, bassist, drummer, jack-of-all-trades, TRISTEN uses the entire arsenal of the musician handyman to make an album with subtle carnal tones. His bold and adventurous personal arrangements are married together but assume different influences. Mars en Marche is the famous meeting of Stereolab and Abba, of Mathieu Boogaerts and Arcade Fire, of Albin De La Simone and Karkwa. As he says himself, “J’aime beaucoup Tortoise et Mike Patton, mais bon, faut pas oublier Véronique Sanson non plus”

[Video] Video Club

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Buy Picture Disc here.

BG048 | Johnny Jane

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The first single on Bleeding Gold from French New Wave-Punk group SANDIE TRASH.

BG029 | Video Club

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It is with great pleasure that I am now able to alert you all to the latest installment of the collaboration between Bleeding Gold Records and Paris-based singer-songwriter Marc Desse. 2 new jams of new wavey, power-pop goodness. lead single ‘Video Club’ is a New Romantic sing-along featuring the vocals of Anne. B-side ‘Tu Sais’ kicks up the gears a bit. Both feature on the first picture disc in the BGR discography, and it turned out quite beautifully.
Buy 7″ here.
Take a look for yourselves right here.
Also available from La Fabrique Balades Sonores in PARIS.

Marc Desse

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With Italian DNA and an upbringing in the southwest of France, Alex Rossi began working as a rock club Dj in the late 80s, eventually gaining his own radio show influenced by British Pop (TV Personalities, The Smiths, Field Mice) and FrenchPop (Taxi Girl, Elli and Jacno, Les fils de joie.) In 1998 Alex signed with Mercury France for a handful of singles (“Le Coeur du monde”, “Annabelle et Henri”), also writing many songs for other French singers such as Dick Rivers. In 2004 he friended journalist and writer Arnaud Viviant  with whom he founded the “Situ-punk” band BALLU. Monsieur Rossi was spotted by Gonzaï magazine sometime in 2007 and was quickly offered the chance to perform a monthly residency alongside Alister ou Dondolo (Members of Young Michelin.) Since 2009 he has worked with composer Dominique Pascaud under the collective name ALEXROSSI, releasing the 5-track EP MY LIFE IS A FUCKING DEMO which includes a duet with ex-FrenchPop star Graziella De Michele.

The French writer and editor Olivier Martinelli had this to say, “Des paroles qui font mouche, un riff de guitare qui vous rentre dans la tête et n’en sort plus. Alex Rossi trouve une ouverture entre Daniel Darc et Patrick Coutin. Et si « Chair et canon » était la grande chanson qu’on attendait tous de lui..” [roughly – “Words that hit, a guitar riff that will fit in the head and not come out. Alex Rossi is somewhere between Daniel Darc and Patrick Coutin. And “Chair et canon” is the grand song everyone has expected from him.”]

MY LIFE IS A FUCKING DEMO will be re-released digitally by Bleeding Gold on Dec. 12th,  including an additional track in a rearranged track order as we build up for the release of the ”Je te prends” 7″ single,  a duet with French shoe-designer Inès Olympe Mercadal (Feb. ’12) and the full length album DANS LA PEAU DE JOHN KENNEDY TOOLE later this spring.

“Quoi qu’il arrive, nous resterons des chansons,” dixit Alex


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Marc Desse has a brand-spankin’-new EP called (ROMANCE) available digitally on BandCamp. Some of these songs will appear on his debut full-length with Bleeding Gold in 2012, but these are ready to be heard now. We are offering the first track Mona et moi as a free download in exchange for your email.
If you guys liked his track Petite Anne from last months split 7″ with The Pipers, (ROMANCE) will further implant Marc’s footprint on the International Pop scene – or perhaps just Us lot for now!

Lust For Lure

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Os DrongosLust For Lure

Marc Desse

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THE NOTES in France :

Dailies post-jump…

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