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Guest Mix: Bleeding Gold Records

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BG076 | Night Drippers

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Os Drongos NightPhoto3

Less than five days to record and a little bit more than thirteen months to reach the light of an ear. That is a good example to explain what a night dripper is. An agent who can change you. Something that set you, the problems you need to become the person you are. You just decide to see them or not. But Night Drippers are everywhere. They can be everything, even you. 
What you could hear on this album: highly-electric residual shadows passing through worlds made of different tones. The sounds here are influenced by such artists and philosophers as Pollock or Héraclite, invoking the great days of Diane.

Available on LIMITED EDITION Compact Disc and digitally at BandCamp and iTunes.


BG065 | Songs For Bleeding Gold

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Artwork by Jesse Treece

10 Bleeding Gold cover songs by other Bleeding Gold artists!!

Bleeding Gold will be slowing down for the remainder of the year. We are taking a break to reassess the current musical landscape, pay off some serious business debt and return to the fold at a later date with a new business plan that will be better for the artists, the label, and most importantly, the fans.

The download is FREE – but if there is anything you can give, know that the money will go into helping Bleeding Gold return like a phoenix!


Eager Son

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Jan 17th, 2013…

BG008 | Os Drongos Hi Batucada! 10″ EP

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The Monty Python in the Heart of Darkness, Albert Dupontel joins the cast of Apocalypse Now, Lorenzo Lamas rides for Dennis Hopper, Robert Mitchum works for the Deliverance.

Yes, they’re a band. A band called OS DRONGOS.

Buy 10″ here. Also available at iTunes.

Our double dose of France (see Marc Desse) continues with an EP from Os Drongos called “Hi Batucada!” This 5 track EP is available on CD and 10″ vinyl, as well as digitally on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and the rest of those digi-stores in the coming days (ok, weeks). Limited Edition of 250 vinyls/300 CDs. All physical formats come with a poster designed by artist Ziegler Moffat.

Os Drongos sing in both English and French. Their songs are perfect for driving the crazy streets of _____(insert your city name here but think Paris, cuz they drive crazy there!) – a strong pulsing beat underneath cult-like chanting, mixed with sounds of the night sky and whispered nightmares. You need this in your life!
“Hi Batucada!” comes on White vinyl, White vinyl with Yellow and Green Splatter, or “Clouded Milk” colored vinyl that comes with an Os Drongos badge. And on CD.
BandCamp here. Order vinyl/CDs here.

And Chief and Buddy on the way to find OS (the forgotten god) hunt a squirrel hiding in the woods : this naughty perverted nutzy bastard bard of the consumption called “Moonchoko”, who’s cooking for his Nutzilla, strange but attractive substance made with the family he captures in the forest.

Led by Momo the sympathic but laconic ferryman, taking their instrument as others take their weapons, the two friends begin the chase…

Also available at these nutzy stores:

RECORD ROOM  8 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR | USA

Sonic Boom Records 2209 NW Market St. (Ballard) | Seattle, USA

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in Japan)

Poster artwork, post-jump….

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Cult Of The Hopeless

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This collection of songs is a work-in-progress to showcase the upcoming releases on Bleeding Gold Records. The tracklisting may change over time and is only available to stream for now. Hope you like it!

Lust For Lure

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Os DrongosLust For Lure

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