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BG111 | So Much Fun

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Dream Joints’ long awaited debut 7” perfectly encapsulates the hauntingly catchy nature of tripped out garage rock aficionado Mike Turi’s (Wild Wild Wets, The Old In Out) solo project. The A side, ‘So Much Fun’ finds him awash in dirty, droney synths. Languid vocals are smeared, dream-like, across the tracks noise pop face. It’s a sound that somehow feels as uplifting as it is foreboding. B side, ‘Dust’, a dirgey, psychedelic tinged dive into a rock and roll wasteland, follows suit. Pairing a hypnotic progression with tinkling, pulsating keys, ‘Dust’ is as much the soundtrack for long drives through the dark empty of desert, as it is for sweaty, gritted teeth nights in packed underground clubs.

With the gloomy psychedelia of The Growlers, the spaced out vocals of Jesus & Mary Chain and the expansive instrumentation of Brian Jonestown MassacreDream Joints weave together a patchwork of influences to create a unique sound that stretches from vampiric to blissful. All the while sounding immediate and absolutely vital.

Dream Joints’ debut 7” So Much Fun / Dust will be released in February, 2017 through Bleeding Gold Records in preparation for the release of full length ‘Just Like Medicine’ in April.



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BG055 | Tyrannosaurus Dead

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front final_zimbalam

Bleeding Gold is thrilled to announce our latest lathe-cut project with the UK band TYRANNOSAURUS DEAD.

2 brand-new exclusive tracks from this Brighton band feature on this extremely limited edition 7″ lathe-cut*. Stream the Aside “Bed Dread” above. Only 50 copies made in total – 25 are in the US and 25 are in the UK – and will be available for purchase on Monday, July 22nd from the Bleeding Gold BandCamp page. (And that probably means 6 pm Sunday evening, Pacific Time! NOW!) Grab it from iTunes here.

Tyrannosaurus Dead

*a lathe-cut is a unique, hand-made MONO product that is supposed to be a collector’s item, and not necessarily made for playing. Although these lathe-cuts are ready to play and will not harm your needle, they may sound fuzzy, dull, pop and hiss, or possibly even skip**.

**if your copy skips, try the ol’ penny-on-the-tonearm trick!!

BG042 | Watauga

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petey full text zimbalam

Extremely limited edition hand-made lathe-cut* featuring 2 new songs from North Carolina’s PETEY. The double sided lathe is available on ‘frosted-glass’ plastic with full color insert. Edition of 45.

*a lathe-cut is a handmade record pressed on polycarbonate in real-time with a 1940’s record lathe. the fidelity of these records is different than a traditional record, containing pops, hisses and fuzz. these records will not harm your turntable or needle, but are meant to be unique pieces of handmade art.


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