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Coalescing on the citrus-encrusted concrete of Central Florida, Alligator Indian’s shift in style has continually coincided with founders Christian Church and Spooky Bubble’s relocations. Arriving in Orlando after a life in the sleepy beach town of Melbourne, the pair began collaborating while studying classical voice and soon saw themselves combining sugary pop with sound collage. Upon graduation, they journeyed north, settling into a bedbug-infested brownstone in Brooklyn. The very chaos that eventually drove them away from the city first compelled them to find new purpose in their art, and it was in their high-topped hovel that they began capturing their surreal pop and releasing it to the public. Though invigorated by its bustle, the pace of life in New York left the group fatigued and feeling unfulfilled in their urge to be part of a community of artists starting from the ground up. Idyllic visions of the mountains of North Carolina in their heads, Spooky and Christian went south to the solace of Asheville. With a new sense of purpose, Alligator Indian swiftly shifted from blissed-out noise pop to a ritualistic form of modern trance sitting comfortably between the visceral pulse of dance and the cerebral headspace of the avant-garde. It is in this very spirit that Alligator Indian bring you their latest EP, More Songs About Animals and TV.

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More Songs About Animals and TV cover art


3/7: Asheville, NC @ Odditorium w/ Dark Sister, Fine Peduncle, Housefire

3/8: Atlanta, GA @ Mint Gallery w/ Suno Deko, Tantrum, Amy Godwin

3/9: Mobile, AL @ Secret Shotgun House w/ Suno Deko, Tantrum, Jack Blind

3/10: New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Suno Deko, Tantrum, Bois, Cockhunter

3/12: South Fry South Friendy’s in Austin, TX @ Chain Drive w/ Spazzkid, Michael Parallax, Meth Dad, Kodak To Graph, Ava Luna, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, Moonlasso

3/13: Official SXSW Showcase in Austin, TX @ The Iron Bear w/ Total Unicorn, Sharon Needles, La Femme, HYENAZ, Wonder Villains


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Though rising and thriving in the sun-soaked swamps of Central Florida and briefly huddling in the bed-bug infested tombs of Brooklyn, Alligator Indian weren’t truly forged until Spooky B. and Christian Church relocated to the subterranean crystal nexus that is Asheville, NC. There they spent two years honing their art and craft while unfurling a slew of EPs and singles, culminating in their debut LP, Spring I’m In, on San Diego’s Bleeding Gold Records.

Spring I’m In launches opportunely enough at the cusp of the season, but the recording process originally had Alligator Indian beginning work in their mountain retreat, the Rainbow Reservation, shortly after the summer release of their FOOTBALL EP with Bleeding Gold. The resultant sound files came across like a worn out copy of Simon Reynold’s post-punk opus Rip It Up and Start Again dropped in a vat of lysergic acid diethylamide, if they may be so bold. And if’n they mayn’t, let’s just say it’s pretty not so bad. The aural constructs begin with a blistering sci-fi tale of a world where tyrannical governments mandate who a citizen can become betrothed to. From there, themes and sounds shift between fuzzy post-pop, a cappella bursts of vocals, and industrial cries for contentment.

In a vanguard effort to introduce their debut LP, Alligator Indian chose the tune “Dark Fruit” to represent the album. Balancing lyrics that deal with hope, loss, death, Florida wildfires, and of course vampires, “Dark Fruit” twists through haunting ivory interplay between Mister Church’s and Miss Bea’s keys before erupting in tribal triumph and percussive payoff. To further articulate the audio, analogue auteur the Cyclist and pop patron Heart Island reimaginatively mixed, or “remixed,” the song. The sparse drone of the Cyclist’s version cuddles alongside Heart Island’s saccharine dance, creating a trio of immersive and entertaining tracks built around one unit of song.


La Fabrique Balades Sonores | PARIS, FRANCE

The Stone Records | JAPAN


Also available at these brave stores:

La Fabrique Balades Sonores | PARIS, FRANCE

Disk Union  |  Japan

Harvest Records  415-B Haywood Road  Asheville, NC 28806

/////Sone Records 〒430-0944 静岡県浜松市中区田町315-20 2F | Japan

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in JapanLimited Editions only!)

Violet And Claire  308 36-2 Udagawacho  Shibuyaku Tokyo  |  Japan

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  1. I’d love to attend the show on the 29th. I’ve got a friend in town who would love AI, but I’ve yet to see where it is actually being held; as in addresses and the like? Throw me a bone here.

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