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***PREORDER***The debut FURROW album ‘West Felton’ on LIMITED EDITION Splatter, Striped or Black vinyl in Japan here/here or UK here or USA/Rest of World here.


Artwork by Amy Sterly

Furrow is Thom Snell & Richard Cartwright

Two friends that grew up in the country. Went to different cities to study art but it didn’t work out. Came back home to Shropshire and started working on projects, Furrow being one of them.


“Since their inception in early 2012, West Felton two-piece Furrow have made an admirably concerted effort to convince us of their rural credentials. Their recent show at Dalston’s Power Lunches was accompanied by an art piece comprised of old Barbour coats, their musical releases thus far have sported titles like Country Slide and Field Study and, of course, their chosen moniker comes with more than a hint of the agricultural. What’s more, the duo’s bandcamp page describes their music as ‘field-gaze’; now, shoe-gaze is made whilst staring at one’s own feet, so presumably Furrow’s music is made whilst looking at farms? Or something like that. In fact, it’s probably made after the inaugural ocular event since it seems that whilst partaking in said field-gazing one is also required to listen to copious amounts of No Age. Echoes of that duo’s music, particularly that of their early collection Weirdo Rippers, reverberate throughout the sonic fabric of Furrow’s own taut nuggets of lo-fi art-punk. Yet, despite their obvious indebtedness, it seems that Furrow are abundantly capable of adopting this aesthetic for themselves: their music is simultaneously urgent in its punk expressivity yet explorative in its continual probing of the duo’s sonic boundaries. With a staunchly DIY approach to recording, Furrow’s moments of experimentation are naturally rather small-scale and understated; yet, as the assembly of lilting melodies conjured by bassist Thom Snell at the opening of ‘Gravitate Towards You’ quickly becomes drowned in the song’s accumulating texture and momentum, it can’t help but feel like a miniature epiphany.” -Thomas May / PeelApart

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RADIO/PODCASTS: Human Pleasure Radio   |   No Pigeonholes   |   Human Pleasure Radio   |   Edinburgh Man   |   Human Pleasure Radio   |   Human Pleasure Radio   |   Human Pleasure Radiofurrow_poster2

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