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It is with great excitement that Bleeding Gold Records announces Just Handshakes’ much awaited debut album, ‘Say It’. Following a popular string of singles and EP’s, the band finished their album in summer 2012 and will be releasing the record on 20th May.

Listen to album cut ‘Bright Lights’ here:

‘Say It’ signposts the band’s progression. The C86 roots that could be heard in their earlier releases have been compounded to create a heady blend of shimmering, bittersweet dream-pop. The album highlights a darker, more angular approach which culminates in melancholic final track ‘Balmoral’.

The band say of the record, “It’s been a very natural progression really. We’ve always had a pretty organic approach to writing songs. Some come together very quickly and easily and some take a while to develop, but we try not to force things.”

Nostalgic leanings can be heard in vintage string synths and the guitars of first single London Bound’, while ‘Dead and Alive’ offers a more familiar blend of synth driven, sun drenched pop.

The band have benefitted from a longer spell in the studio and the production of ‘Say It’ compliments their evolving sound. “It was good to have more time to experiment in the studio. We tried to keep as many whole takes as possible and make a record that sounded honest.”

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ALSO AVAIL AT THESE RAD STORES:   Everyday Records (Downtown Portland, OR) | Beethobear (Taiwan) | Rough Trade (UK) | Norman Records (UK) | Jumbo Records (UK) | Pebble Records (UK) | The Stone Records (Japan)

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‘London Bound ‘is the first single from Just Handshakes debut album ‘Say It’ which is set for release on California based record label Bleeding Gold later this year. The single comes out on the 18th of February and is a free digital download accompanied by a remix on the B-side from friend James Hare. The video was shot on super 8 film by analogue filmmaker Cherry Kino and the single was produced by Matthew Peel and the band.

With their following steadily growing, the band have recorded a session for Marc Riley and received airplay from Steve Lamacq, Tom Robinson and Gideon Coe. They have enjoyed support slots with bands such as The Mystery Jets, Pete and the Pirates, The Shout Out Louds and Still Corners.

JUST HANDSHAKES formed in Leeds whilst at university. Their sound has developed gradually with each of their releases. The band have a varied range of influences but a shared love of C86 is apparent in their songs. This single sees them drop a little of their earlier catalogue’s brightness for a darker, more angular approach. Since their EP the band have been reasonably quiet, tucked away writing and recording their debut album ‘Say It’ and  surfacing briefly last year on record store day to release a limited run of tapes.  The band are now looking forward to touring and the release of their debut album.

‘Their dynamic blend of bright vocals, jangly guitars and casio adoration, could add colour to the gloomiest of lyrics.’Drowned In Sound

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