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Artwork by Chihiro Yoshikawa

POWER OF SATAN is a Japanese 4-piece band from Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Forming in 2007 from a friendship of coworkers at Shibuya’s famed Tower Records, Gaia Tateishi, Yusuke Kono, and Ayumu Kitajima decided to start a band even though neither of them had had any previous “band” experience. They learned their way through Yusuke’s collection of musical instruments in his Grandfather’s basement, each tackling different instruments on different songs. With the addition of Hiroyuki Oumi to the band, the group devoted years of practice time in that basement before breaking out to a live setting in 2013. Armed with a provocative moniker – in a nod to Daniel Johnston – the band has released several videos on YouTube featuring the songs they wrote and recorded in that basement. Bleeding Gold Records is excited to announce that 4 of these brilliant tracks will be pressed to limited-run, multi-colored 7″ vinyl in fold-over covers. Available JUNE 29th.
Purchase 7″ in JAPAN here.
PRESS:   Austin Town Hall   |   Under the Radar   |   Human Pleasure Radio

2 Responses to “POWER OF SATAN”

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