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New Me is a dumb pop band from California preparing to release their debut 7″ on Bleeding Gold Records, whose name is as aspirational as it is deeply sardonic. The group, consisting of members of multiple well known San Diego acts (including new wave group Spooky Cigarette, and jazzy surf punk outfit Los Shadows) have played a handful of the notoriously raucous and unruly DIY shows the South Bay of ‘America’s Finest City’ is rapidly becoming known for. New Me’s debut release highlights lead singer/songwriter Barnabuss Chump’s diverse & unique ‘left of center’ approach to pop songwriting. Featuring the sugary, frenetic garage rock of A-Side ‘Something Green‘ & the smoky, falsetto laden synth groove of B-Side ‘Any God‘, the single is an apt introduction to the bombastic, blown out hooks of New Me.


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‘Lively and chaotic in the most amazing way…’ 
-Queen Beetch
‘Capturing the 80’s nostalgia of modern indie artists like Ariel Pink and John Maus, New Me pushes the sound a step further…melancholic yet beautiful post-punk songs that get you dancing with strangers around you.’


‘Catchy, melodic psychedelic new wave anthem full of brooding vocals and propulsive, dancey percussion…brimming with poignant lyricism about self-worth, perseverance, and finding the light at the end of the tunnel…heart-on-your-sleeve tune that will soundtrack many late-night goth-dance parties to come.’ 
-At The Barn
Heavenly melodies and songs saturated in sonic color, songs that somehow manage to illustrate an immense talent for dynamic compositions and compelling lyricism…’
​Something Green
You hate the one that You love
You watch your life from above
The root’s too deep to dig up
The hand won’t fit any glove
But I want to believe
There’s a place we can be
Sheltered from the breach
To make a special moon of me
Sometimes you wake up into the sun
You see what you have become
Your legs forget how to run
You can’t tell who beats the drum
But I want to believe
There’s a place we can be
Among the dogwood trees
To make a special moon of me
Some fabled simple time
Cast me as something
Something green
Holding a rose
For you to see
Amidst the cannon fog of every day
A light reveals
The only three things you’ll ever be
Who you’ve been, who you are, and who you’ll be
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