“Petey makes us feel all a bit younger, like at that time in which tape trading was the best way to hook up with a girl or boy.” –another diy music blog

“an upstart Raleigh, NC trio whose clangy chords and feeble yet encouraging vocal presence ooze a purist indie-rock aesthetic “–willfully obscure

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Order “Regis Philbin” tape here.

PETEY is a three-piece indie-powerpop group that formed as an independent musical project in a Raleigh, NC high school and has continued to make music and play shows since then. This is a band consisting of childhood best friends, so when they are forced to backtrack because a member leaves his wallet in a different state on the way home from every tour, it’s okay. Petey music is supposed to embody this sense of youth and carelessness, as well as forgetfulness that can’t be grown out of, and pals that probably won’t remember either way.

Order “Eddie Murphy” cassette here:   USA   |   JAPAN   |   TAIWAN

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7 Responses to “PETEY”

  1. […] limited edition hand-made lathe-cut* featuring 2 new songs from North Carolina’s PETEY. The double sided lathe is available on ‘frosted-glass’ plastic with full color insert. […]

  2. […] our latest split project – this one a North Carolina thing with our friends The Sweets and PETEY. 3 brand-new jams from each band: PETEY’s punchy take on noise pop and more hazy love jams […]

  3. […] Carolina’s The Sweets  and  PETEY return to Bleeding Gold for another split cassette release, this time featuring 2 new EPs – […]

  4. […] EPs while attending college in NYC and Asheville. After releasing 2 split cassettes with the band Petey, The Sweets released their very first 7-inch on March 24th that features 4 newly recorded tracks on […]

  5. […] new Petey jam in video […]

  6. […] this aesthetic as an amplified three piece, with fellow Bleeding Gold members Will Flaugher of Petey, and Justin Hrabovsky of The Sweets. Below you will find a new song from the band in preparation […]

  7. […] this aesthetic as an amplified three piece, with fellow Bleeding Gold members Will Flaugher of Petey, and Justin Hrabovsky of The […]

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