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Inspired by the trivial and the beautiful, the reclusive David Warren rarely ventures outside of his local postal codes. He has recently joined a breakfast club and drinks healthy shakes and strong coffee with the main bachelor crew every morning before tackling his work with varying degrees of gusto.

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Also available at these scruffy stores:

GCD Emporium/Afflecks  52 Church St. | Manchester  |  UK

Piccadilly Records  53 Oldham Street  |  Manchester  |  UK

RECORD ROOM  8 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR | USA

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in Japan)

Vinyl Revival  5 Hilton St. | Manchester UK

Podcasts/Mixtapes/Radio: No Pigeonholes   |   wfmu   |   Human Pleasure   |   Edinburgh Man

PRESS: 7 inches   |   Cassette Gods

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