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Flowers’ sound is the aural-lovechild of The Primitives and Young Marble Giants; simple pop, unusually told, nice and noisy, D.I.Y.  Sam (the notes) plays guitar and writes music.  He needed a drummer and found Jordan, who was so perfect he had to be stolen.  Rachel answered the call for a singer, and writes lyrics and plays synth for the band. The trio manage to create a wall of sound larger than the sum of their parts, catchy pop songs hidden in feedback and noise.

Press:  Records I Like   |   Tweendie   |   Very Tiny Songs   |   Unpopular   |   Vibraseis   |   Raven Sings The Blues   |   Tally-Ho

MIXTAPES/PODCASTS:  Unpopular   |   HDIF   |   Human Pleasure   |   Unpopular

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