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A new 45rpm 12″ EP called Einfügen due for release late October 2015

The band Les Bicyclettes Blanches formed in the summer of 2005, in Woodstock NY, in a barn of an old mill turned into a Native American ceremonial center, blessed by Tibetan monks. The core of the band is Magnolia Santibanez (vocals/guitar/bass/keys), from Paris France and Mackenzie Miller Parker (drums/guitar/bass) from the Catskills. Soon they started to collaborate with other musicians for their live shows and recording sessions as Paul McMahon, Amanda Jo Williams, Stanton Warren, Ash Humhey, Sean Finnigan…and a few others they have encountered on their tours of the US and Europe. They have so far recorded 12 albums and can be heard on some radio stations as well as a few compilations from LA Record, Manimal Vinyl, and Winter Records.

PRESS: Sly Vinyl   |   Austin Town Hall   |   The Grey Estates   |   Impropaganda   |   Pop Lacara

RADIO/MIXTAPES: Amazing Radio   |   Amazing Radio

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