THE PIPERS are one Aaron Richard Piper, formerly 1/3 of Bleeding-Gold-OGs THE NOTES. Those fans of THE NOTES that watched the tour documentary – all the way to the end, beyond the credits – got their first glimpse of THE PIPERS in action, covering THE NOTESPorphyria’s Lover (in a shower stall, no less!) These days Aaron is back at Uni and generally enjoying the fuck out of life! This jam Moonlight was written for a certain ladyfriend, but it’s since been co-opted as the Bleeding Gold HQ Theme! Uh – so good!

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Moonlight is available on a Split 7″ with Marc Desse, on a variety of vinyl configurations including a Limited Edition version which includes a hand silkscreened print from Kaizen Collective (only 30 made!) Pics here and order here.

Also available at these punk-ass stores:

Born Bad 17 rue Keller 75011 | Paris, France

Disk Union  |  Japan

Ground Zero 23 rue Sainte Marthe 75010 | Paris, France

microcultures | FRANCE

RECORD ROOM  8 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR | USA

Record Station 13 rue de Récollets 75010 | Paris, France

Sonic Boom Records 2209 NW Market St. (Ballard) | Seattle, USA

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in Japan)

Violet And Claire  308 36-2 Udagawacho  Shibuyaku Tokyo  |  Japan

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