HEHFU blast back with a new single Junk Heart!

Alternative noise pop band HEHFU blast back with their new single Junk Heart, which will be officially released on 21 June 2013 via Bleeding Gold Records.

Junk Heart was recorded in Cardiff’s Sound Space Studios and is taken from the Welsh four piece’s, up and coming third album which will be out later this year. Showcasing a more dynamic, mature sound but holding on to their noise pop roots, HEHFU’s next batch of fuzzy pop gems promises to be their best yet.

The band has enjoyed a busy 18 months with a new line-up and plenty of UK shows. The group’s Twitter followers now number over 2,000 and their Facebook fans over 400.

HEHFU are Bradley Clarke (guitar/vocals), Richard Fury (guitar), Tom Archibald (bass) and Damian Vizard (drums).

For more information please visit www.hehfu.co.uk


HEHFU is an indie/shoegaze/pop music project started by Bradley Clarke, and in the last year has turned into a gig-playing 4-piece from Caerphilly, a town in South Wales, UK.
MUSIC FOR MY BROKEN EARS [2011] can be downloaded from iTunes or BandCamp.
THE SINGLE COLLECTION [2012] can be downloaded from BandCamp.

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“While there are many bands and artists whose music I love very much (and more appearing all the time – keep ‘em coming), none has the melodic sense, the effortless delivery or the sheer timelessness to lodge into my head as I drift off to sleep in quite the way the music of HEHFU does.” – Mark Whitby (Dandelion Radio DJ)

Press Contact: bleedinggoldrecords@gmail.com


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