Photo: Mark Pemble

Gayze – Black Soul

Jan 7th, 2013


Born out of frustrated isolation and love of 60’s motorcycle flicks, Gayze makes its debut with Black Soul, a swirling, shaking, testimony to the raw power and swagger that seems to be lost in Garage rock these days. This is about as far from the beach as you can get so don’t even think of calling it surf. This album is a motorcycle ride through the desert to a secret party that is part Hell’s Angels gathering, part psychedelic be-in. Gayze was started as a way to pass the time by David W. Wood (leading member of the similar yet different garage outfit TEENS). Wood later enlisted the help of bassist/organist Gabriel Rudow (TEENS) and lead guitarist Cody Mauser (The Rich Hands), to help record the album. Plaintive acoustic guitar tunes are tucked in between the more raucous moments of Black Soul giving the listener a chance to breathe. Bringing a heavy dose of grit and a striking attention to detail, Gayze breathes new life into a genre that in the last few years has become too reliant on motifs and generalities.

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Cover Art: David W. Wood

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