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With Italian DNA and an upbringing in the southwest of France, Alex Rossi began working as a rock club Dj in the late 80s, eventually gaining his own radio show influenced by British Pop (TV Personalities, The Smiths, Field Mice) and FrenchPop (Taxi Girl, Elli and Jacno, Les fils de joie.) In 1998 Alex signed with Mercury France for a handful of singles (“Le Coeur du monde”, “Annabelle et Henri”), also writing many songs for other French singers such as Dick Rivers. In 2004 he friended journalist and writer Arnaud Viviant  with whom he founded the “Situ-punk” band BALLU. Monsieur Rossi was spotted by Gonzaï magazine sometime in 2007 and was quickly offered the chance to perform a monthly residency alongside Alister ou Dondolo (Members of Young Michelin.) Since 2009 he has worked with composer Dominique Pascaud under the collective name ALEXROSSI, releasing the 5-track EP MY LIFE IS A FUCKING DEMO which includes a duet with ex-FrenchPop star Graziella De Michele.


The French writer and editor Olivier Martinelli had this to say, “Des paroles qui font mouche, un riff de guitare qui vous rentre dans la tête et n’en sort plus. Alex Rossi trouve une ouverture entre Daniel Darc et Patrick Coutin. Et si « Chair et canon » était la grande chanson qu’on attendait tous de lui..” [roughly – “Words that hit, a guitar riff that will get stuck in the head and not come out. Alex Rossi is somewhere between Daniel Darc and Patrick Coutin. And “Chair et canon” is the grand song everyone has expected from him.”]

MY LIFE IS A FUCKING DEMO will be re-released digitally by Bleeding Gold on Dec. 12th,  including an additional track in a rearranged track order as we build up for the release of the “Je te prends” 7″ single,  a duet with French shoe-designer Inès Olympe Mercadal (Feb. ’12) and the full length album DANS LA PEAU DE JOHN KENNEDY TOOLE later this spring.

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“Quoi qu’il arrive, nous resterons des chansons,” dixit Alex

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