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Fall 2012 brings us the first picture disc 7″ on Bleeding Gold Records; this one a gorgeous shot of Marc Desse for his “Video Club” single. The single is also available digitally via BandCamp, iTunes, Amazon and more.

Paris-based singer-songwriter Marc Desse may be better known as the frontman for French electro-punk band Theatre Metamorphosis, but lately he’s turned his sights on a sunnier pop sound under his nome de guerre. The songs are still in French, with an added punch of pop and romance.  His debut single for Bleeding Gold – Petite Anne – first appeared in the tour documentary for THE NOTES from April 2011 – soundtracking the UK band’s travels through France where Marc caught up with them at L’International. The friendship spawned a plan to release a split 7″ single with The Pipers (Aaron from THE NOTES) on California’s Bleeding Gold Records this Fall.

Petite Anne is available as a double A-side split 7″ on a variety of styles – Baby Blue, White w/Baby Blue Splatter and Cloudy Sky Blue – with an extra limited version (only 30!!) available with a hand silkscreened print from San Diego’s kaizen collective. It’s a global effort, y’all! Do your part!

Also available at these punk-ass stores:

La Fabrique Balades Sonores 1 Ave Trudaine | Paris | France

Born Bad 17 rue Keller 75011 | Paris, France

Disk Union  |  Japan

Ground Zero 23 rue Sainte Marthe 75010 | Paris, France

microcultures | FRANCE

RECORD ROOM  8 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR | USA

Record Station 13 rue de Récollets 75010 | Paris, France

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in Japan)

Violet And Claire  308 36-2 Udagawacho  Shibuyaku Tokyo  |  Japan

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