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Bleeding Gold is beyond ecstatic to finally have some new vinyl to offer you. This time we have a new 4-track 7″ EP from Japanese slack-rockers POWER OF SATAN. The randomly-colored vinyl 7″ is housed in a full-color foldover cover and plastic sleeve. Also avail as a NAME YOUR PRICE digital download on BandCamp.

ORDER 7″ HERE.IMG_1914IMG_1916


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Features the 7″ cover artwork by Japanese artist Ken Kagami hand-silkscreened onto high quality white Tshirts. Buy a Tshirt and get a 7″ for free!!   [NO RETURNS on Tshirts! They run a bit large.]


Lizard Kisses

Listen: Roman Lakes – ‘The Sparrow’

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Some nice words on the new Roman Lakes….

Originally posted on Killer Ponytail:

roman lakes the sparrowWhat do think of when you think of Manchester? The big, baggy beats of the likes of Happy Mondays and the heady indie dance of the Hacienda club, right? Well, prepare to cast those stereotypes aside because Manchester’s Roman Lakes has something entirely more serene to offer.

Roman Lakes, aka Ben Hyman, serves as a counter to the swaggering lad-orientated rock made famous by the north of England and delivers a more cerebral take on the world using nothing more than his voice and a well worn guitalele (that’s a cross between a guitar and a ukulele by the way).

Hyman’s new track ‘The Sparrow’ (released on the ever dependable Bleeding Gold Records) showcases his knack for creating a gloriously bouncing melody that can’t help but echo the heyday of the 70s British folk scene, and his vocals take on the straight forward narrative delivery of the likes of The Tallest Man On…

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BG091 | The Sparrow

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Roman Lakes is the solo project of Ben from Bleeding Gold‘s S’s and Special Guests. The Greater-Manchester-born singer-songwriter creates guitalele folk-pop with tones in the right zones. Influences include Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Morrissey, Lucy Rose and The Tallest Man on Earth.

Download the new single for NAME YOUR OWN PRICE (incl. FREE) at bandcamp below:

Also check out this new demo:

Colorwheel Compilation 12″ (Hidden Gem Records)

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Bleeding Gold is happy to annoucne that a compilation album featuring a TAPE WAVES track has been released and we have a few copies for sale at our shop. Very cool multi-color marbled 12″ vinyl in full-color, slimline jackets.

9 track compilation album from Pennsylvania’s HIDDEN GEM RECORDS featuring a track from the TAPE WAVES albun ‘Let You Go’. Other bands included are TEEEL, The Death of Pop, Young Pharoahs, the Skating Party, Night Panther, The Arctic Flow, Moon Pollen and Roman Ruins.



Recent Videos

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Buy Lizard Kisses 7″ here.

Buy Kooties cassette here.

Buy Tape Waves 12″ here.

Sweet Indie-Pop from Field Trips Collective: Kooties- ‘Yearbook’ EP Review

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some nice stuff on KOOTIES…

Originally posted on Girl Underground:

Courtesy of Kooties Courtesy of Kooties

‘Cooties’ were once known as something you didn’t want to have as a child. The fictional disease and embarrassment that went hand in hand with love affairs as a child. The same feeling paired with light-heartedness comes from the San Diego band Kooties, an indie-pop and “kiwi” band that came together from the guitarist of Space Heat, and Field Trips collective co-founder, Ren Rogers. Living up to their self-proclaimed genre of sweet “kiwi” pop, their debut album, Yearbook, combines surf-pop, light melodies, and a feel good aura that can be pressed as a soundtrack for a sunny day, and would be the only type of ‘cooties’ you want to ever have.

If unfamiliar with Field Trips Collective, they are a self-started label in San Diego, which contain various SD artists within the same musical genre scheme, and some rotating members within different projects. Frank Mindingall (bass), Skylar…

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