BG055 | Tyrannosaurus Dead

front final_zimbalam

Bleeding Gold is thrilled to announce our latest lathe-cut project with the UK band TYRANNOSAURUS DEAD.

2 brand-new exclusive tracks from this Brighton band feature on this extremely limited edition 7″ lathe-cut*. Stream the Aside “Bed Dread” above. Only 50 copies made in total – 25 are in the US and 25 are in the UK – and will be available for purchase on Monday, July 22nd from the Bleeding Gold BandCamp page. (And that probably means 6 pm Sunday evening, Pacific Time! NOW!) Grab it from iTunes here.

Tyrannosaurus Dead

*a lathe-cut is a unique, hand-made MONO product that is supposed to be a collector’s item, and not necessarily made for playing. Although these lathe-cuts are ready to play and will not harm your needle, they may sound fuzzy, dull, pop and hiss, or possibly even skip**.

**if your copy skips, try the ol’ penny-on-the-tonearm trick!!

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