BG002 | Tender Is The Night

GOLDEN GLOWTender Is The Night [2011 | 12″ vinyl]

Golden Glow’s debut, Tender Is The Night, is an upbeat
Brit-pop album swarming in romance. Available on black-and-gold vinyl. Includes DIGITAL DOWNLOAD card.
Limited edition of 25 to include handprinted silkscreen from Kaizen
. Release date: 21 June 2011.

ORDER here.

Also available at these stores:

Microcultures | France

Piccadilly Records  53 Oldham Street  |  Manchester  |  UK

/////Sone Records 〒430-0944 静岡県浜松市中区田町315-20 2F | Japan

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in JapanLimited Editions only!)

Tracklist and more pictures post-jump…

Tender Is The Night

1. Adore Me

2. Locked Inside

3. The Cure

4. The Blizzard

5. On My Own

6. All Time

7. Books

8. At A Loss

9. Streetlighter

10. Retreat

11. Start Again

This is a co-release with MUSH Records.


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  1. […] Mancunian 4 piece dreampoppers has just released their debut album, tender is the night, on bleeding gold records/ mush […]

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