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[Video] Video Club

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Buy Picture Disc here.

BG048 | Johnny Jane

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The first single on Bleeding Gold from French New Wave-Punk group SANDIE TRASH.

BG047 | B R E A T H E 7″

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“…Tear Talk’s universe is a cohesive collection of brights and darks, feelings and cold hearts painted with talent, distorted guitars and a sense of direction.”   –Chaotisch und charmant

“B R E A T H E”, the debut Tear Talk vinyl release is a gorgeous 7″ featuring a custom die-cut, reverse-board printed cover showcasing the songs “B R E A T H E” and “Only Illusions” – 2 of the 3 new tracks available for download – pressed on grey with white stripe vinyl. Purchase here in the UK/Euro. Otherwise purchase here.

photo (18)Also available at these rad stores:

Piccadilly Records   |   Manchester, UK

Beethobear Records   |   Taiwan

Silver Rain

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London Bound

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“The video was shot on super 8 using film stock from the year that we were born. We wanted to create something dreamy that didn’t reveal an exact narrative, as we wanted to leave that open to interpretation.”  -Just Handshakes

Eager Son

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Jan 17th, 2013…

BG034 | Indoor Voices S/T EP

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The new 12″ featuring backing vocals from:

“Still”: Catherine Debard – Sally Paradise (Montreal, Canada)
“So smart”: Casey Mecija – Ohbijou (Toronto, Canada)
“After”: Sandra Vu – SISU (Los Angeles, USA)
“Hung out”: Anne Boutonnat – Marc Desse (Paris, France)
“Hung out”: Spooky Bubble – Alligator Indian (Asheville, USA)

You may order the 12″ now in either classic black or milky-clear vinyl. Items will ship second week of Nov.

A Better Dream

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On Monday October 15th we will be releasing the remastered version of SEX DREAM‘s debut EP. The 10″ will be available on transparent blue vinyl with a glossy jacket. More details soon.

Good As Gold

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photo (2)

In October we will be releasing a collection of songs from UK songwriter Tim Chaplin featuring this gem, along with 19 of his other best songs from the last decade. There will be a digital download and a 12″ LP. More details soon.

BG025 | Mmdelai EP

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This new Mmdelai EP might remind you of Portishead, Quantic or U.N.K.L.E. – not the usual suspects of Bleeding Gold inspirations. This one’s got a spacier/dancier feel. You might recognize the vocals – a one Annemarie Duff of BGR newcomers Miniatures. Annemarie has recently made a move from her native New Zealand and hopped shores to Melbourne, Australia, seeking new inspiration from a new city. A new band will be formed and plans for a new EP are in the works. For now you can enjoy a free download of the EP or grab a copy on 1989’s favorite format – the cassette tape. Buy cassette here.

A Kind Of Tribute

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David WarrenA Kind Of Tribute

BG019 | Is This The End Of…?

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The Men From…BEYOND!!


Songs For Walter

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Songs For Walter – Meet Me At The Empire E.P.

7″ released early APRIL 2012 on Bleeding Gold Records (USA)

[Limited Edition hand-made CDs from Red Deer Club (UK)]

“…songs that you feel have always been with you and remind you of all your favourite memories…life changing”   Jacob Graham   ‘The Drums’

When it comes to family, many of us keep things close to our chests. But rather than keeping his kin hidden in an old dusty photo album, Songs For Walter’s Laurie Hulme is more likely to befound making a song about them. In particular his late grandfather Walter. Onelisten to the Songs For Walter EP and what you’ll hear is a stunning memoir of one extraordinary fellow and his strangely wonderful world.

You could call this EP the perfect tribute. Walter was a living, breathing story himself. From his much-loved caravan holidays in Scotland and Wales brilliantly depicted by Ukulele song ‘Tin Can’, to the bittersweet romance of lead-track ‘Meet Me At The Empire’ – a tale of Laurie’s grandparents’ first date to the Empire theatre – each song is like a yellowing polaroid taking you further into another chapter of Walter’s life.

But make no mistake; this is not simply a nostalgia trip. Equally inspired by Lou Reed and John Cale’s “SongsFor Drella”, the EP is a personal musical anecdote exuding the kind of rawness to only come from a self-produced release. “I really love lo-fi stuff, there’s something so much more honest about it,” explains Laurie, “What you lose in quality you gain in character.”

And that’s what really sets Songs For Walter apart. This EP has bags of character. Each song stands up on its own but together creates a legacy reflecting a Bill Callahan/Smog-like balance of sincerity and absurdity, The Spinto Band in reflective mode, or perhaps new kid on the blogs, fellow one-man bedroom outfit Youth Lagoon.

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