Sweet Indie-Pop from Field Trips Collective: Kooties- ‘Yearbook’ EP Review

some nice stuff on KOOTIES…

Courtesy of Kooties Courtesy of Kooties

‘Cooties’ were once known as something you didn’t want to have as a child. The fictional disease and embarrassment that went hand in hand with love affairs as a child. The same feeling paired with light-heartedness comes from the San Diego band Kooties, an indie-pop and “kiwi” band that came together from the guitarist of Space Heat, and Field Trips collective co-founder, Ren Rogers. Living up to their self-proclaimed genre of sweet “kiwi” pop, their debut album, Yearbook, combines surf-pop, light melodies, and a feel good aura that can be pressed as a soundtrack for a sunny day, and would be the only type of ‘cooties’ you want to ever have.

If unfamiliar with Field Trips Collective, they are a self-started label in San Diego, which contain various SD artists within the same musical genre scheme, and some rotating members within different projects. Frank Mindingall (bass), Skylar…

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