BG003 Alligator IndianFOOTBALL 10″ EP


Available on Limited Edition [100] Clear vinyl with Lime Green splatter which includes a collage made by the band and an exclusive download of songs found nowhere else. The Regular Edition [200] comes on Lime Green vinyl. Digital files will be available at the band’s BandCamp for a pay-what-you-want scheme on Sept 13th, so don’t be cheap!

Also available at these brave stores:

Harvest Records  415-B Haywood Road  Asheville, NC 28806

RECORD ROOM  8 NE Killingsworth | Portland, OR | USA

/////Sone Records 〒430-0944 静岡県浜松市中区田町315-20 2F | Japan

Sonic Boom Records 2209 NW Market St. (Ballard) | Seattle, USA

THE STONE RECORDS (Mailorder in JapanLimited Editions only!)

Violet And Claire  308 36-2 Udagawacho  Shibuyaku Tokyo  |  Japan

From the subterranean crystal nexus of Asheville, North Carolina!

From the reverberation-drenched solar halls of San Diego’s Bleeding Gold Records!

Lady Spooky Bubble & Messrs. Christian Church and Mayor Prankster, proudly present:


An exciting, new surreal pop band w/ colorful splashes of punk, psychedelia, new wave, Spector-era girl groups, tribal sounds, and maybe even a little bit of neon-coated soul thrown in for good measure….or maybe not. Just kidding.

Residing in a quaint but vibrant mountain town along the Appalachian Trail, Alligator Indian’s music, or as it’s small but rabid fanbase is wont to call it, “booty tunes”, does/do not conform to what most would consider the norm for the local scene. Their influences do not come from mouth harps or washboards (though they have been known to indulge from time to time); they are not what you would call “earthy,” or even “earthly.” Rather, theirs is a sound culled from the grit of late-70s Bleeker St., painted with the acid-dappled brush of a German expressionist. This should come as no surprise since their roots lie in the bedbug-infested Brooklyn streets…more or less. But they and their home have come to love and embrace each other, and together they have truly created the opiate of the masses. Or at the very least, the tetrahydrocannabinol of the masses.

Thusly, Alligator Indian and Bleeding Gold are happy to share with you: FOOTBALL, a six-song extended play vinyl record & digital mp3 collection. Featuring the sure-to-be smash single (if it were being released as a single), “Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe.” Drink it up. It’s good for ya.

US Press: Vicious Buzz PR  (
Rest of World:

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