Our First Blog Post

It seems there is a lot to blog about in this first post considering all that has happened since we formed in March.  I think Brill Dream put it best when he said that the music was born out of ‘bedsit boredom’ and that we wanted something to ‘relieve the ennui’.  Although I don’t think that our student flat was quite bad enough to be classed as a bedsit, and ennui might be too strong a word for how we felt, we wrote the majority of our songs during a time of craziness around us as we had moved 150 miles away from our home to Southampton for university, we were incredibly stressed with work and adjusting to an entirely new environment and creating something with someone I am so close to just made everything else right again.  We’d been writing bits and pieces together since we met three years ago but one weekend at the end of February we wrote constantly, and the results were ‘Those Days, Those Nights’, ‘Cult of the Hopeless’, ‘Porphyria’s Lover’, ‘Nightmare’, and ‘Looking at the Son’.  We uploaded the songs to MySpace and about an hour later Holiday Records asked us if they could release a single for us.  After this we were contacted by the Julie Tippex booking agency and we arranged some live shows.  We spent the last couple of months of the university term practising for the live shows after asking Aaron to play bass for us.  Those months were quite hectic as we had to fit in all our end of term work with writing new songs and finding a decent available practice room (which turned out to be a harder task than we thought it would be).

Once summer started we performed our first few shows, and had a really great time doing it.  They included the Old Blue Last, a support slot for Stereo Total at 93 Feet East, Cross Kings and a trip to Centro de Art Dos de Mayo in Madrid! By the end of June we had a break from live shows during which me and Sam spent lots of time together writing (excluding when our mixing desk exploded!).  We are now really excited for our EP with Bleeding Gold Records.  The plan is to have 12 songs including some exclusives on there and it should be released in the autumn.  Another task that has been occupying a huge amount of our time recently is programming a vintage drum machine, during which we discovered that they didn’t make things easy back in the 1980’s!  Despite setbacks and heaps of frustration along the way we’ve programmed most of our live set into it now, and we love how it sounds.  That’s all in preparation for the next set of live shows, one on home territory at Bitterscene in Chelmsford (25/08), another at Corsica Studios in London (16/09), Southsea Festival (18/09), and two shows in France in the autumn, one with Serafina Steer and Young Marble Giants (16/10) and the other at BBmix festival with Young Michelin, The Monochrome Set and Radio Dpt (27/11).  There are also more in the pipeline!  That more or less sums up what we’ve been up to in the past few months, we’re now really excited to see what happens next.


photo by Carlos Granados

photo by Carlos Granados

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