Girls – Lust For Life

So for the few followers of this blog, here is something I think you might enjoy.  This San Francisco duo is starting to blow up in the biggest way (or maybe it just seems that way because I live here).  Regardless, this is an alternate video to their first single Lust For Life, you might notice a few differences.  Although some might consider this to be somewhat pornographic, I ask you is there anything funnier than using a penis as a microphone?  Look for more Girls in this month’s issue of Rolling Stone as well as my recap of their upcoming show at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall on Feb. 14th (of course that’s provided I don’t get kicked out…again).


4 Responses to “Girls – Lust For Life”

  1. bleedinggold Says:

    sweet, lux, wish i was going with you!!

  2. bleedinggold Says:

    hey, that’s hunx’s penis!!!

  3. Well….Mr. Seth (Hunx and his Punx) Bogart will be at the Girls show seeing as how they will be opening up for them…so if he starts singing into his own penis I will be sure to get pictures.

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