Wild Heart

This song is amazing and her performance is so pure and beautiful that it has devastated my soul forever.

4 Responses to “Wild Heart”

  1. awesome post, luxie. 13 on the 13th!!

  2. wow! as you said, so pure. and you could feel how much she loved the song and how much they all enjoyed singing it. i wish i could sing like that. how great did it sound without any reverb or vocal processing?! at one point i almost wanted to cry at how moving it was.

  3. man i love this video. even differant lyrics than the recorded version. abe vigoda does a cover of this song on their new e.p. i love this song and glad im not alone! mad love!

  4. kitchenwitch Says:

    Stevie hurts my heart in this one…Just the best little video ever made.
    I have it on my IPOD.

    Do you know You Tube does not allow downloading any longer?
    If you have this on your hard drive, back it up, somewhere very safe.

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