jj are finally getting a 12″ vinyl release on the Japanese label Escalator for their jam From Africa To Malaga. Their cd n° 2 from ealrier this year is definitely one of my favorites of the year – especially if you look at my iTunes playcounts! This new track Baby (a cover) is on the B-side, along with another new one called The Truth.

Until their recent live shows, this was the first glimpse at the duo in action. This montage collects the songs Things Will Never Be The Same, Intermezzo and an acoustic take of My Love – which is when you get to actually see the two of them, seemingly like a peeping-tom from the streets.

I’ve posted a few more post-jump…

The song that started it all, My Swag, My Life…

Their take on the Welcome Back Kotter theme…

Someone likes tennis!! Don’t think this is jj, but it does come from the Sincerely Yours site, so maybe it is The Tough Alliance.  They like to keep things mysterious over there…Update: This is apparently a band called Franke on the SRVC label out of Sweden (Thanks, Nil!)

And finally, some live footage of the jam Masterplan…

I love how the guys that are singing along – louder than the singer – have that accent. She, I believe her name is Elin, reminds me of a drunk version of the Dixie Chicks singer.


2 Responses to “Baby”

  1. The music to the Federer video is from Franke (their first record released by Service).

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